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Live Test Report on Rhyno Technologies' HK Mark 23 Rail Mount Adapter

Live Test Report on Rhyno Technologies' HK Mark 23 Rail Mount Adapter (Live Test Conducted by Big Bore - 07/27/2010)
Today was just about as perfect for daytime laser testing with the laser adapter as one could want and I had the range to myself. It was overcast and the laser showed up fairly well on the cream colored target setting 15 yards (yes, yards, not feet) away. The TLR-2's red dot was lost in the black bull of the target so I had to sight in on an NRA bug in the bottom left corner of the target. The plan was to fire 24 shots, remove and reinstall the laser WITHOUT concentrating on getting the laser recoil block against the front of the slot (another words, just throwing it on and finger tightening with a penny, the supplied Allen wrench was used to firmly attach the adapter), fire another 24 shots, remove the laser, remove the adapter, install both again, and repeat in 24 round cycles. I did this for 200 rounds (OK, you got me, 192 rounds) of 230 gr. ball ammo, mostly Lancer factory reloads with some WWB thrown in. At the beginning of each cycle I shot 5 shots on a separate target for group, the wasted the rest ringing, or attempting to ring, a 24 inch gong at 200 yards. In the end it showed that there was between 3/8 and 1/2 inch shift in zero, but not always, and the frame rails of the Mark 23 were not marked in any way.

The next test involved the light adapter. After 96 rounds, the light was still there, it was still tight, and this appeared to be a waste of valuable ammo. Test over on the light adapter. It works and it does not mark the frame of the pistol either. If one is interested in a lighter version for tactical light use only, the light adapter is just the ticket.

OK, back to the laser. Before I had not attempted to zero the laser allowing the group to fall where it may, which was one inch left and two inches high from point of aim. This time I when ahead and zeroed the laser to point of aim. The testing was the same this time except I took care to make sure the laser's recoil lug was against the front of the slot before tightening down the clamping screw. This time I introduced my 17 round mag that I made from two ten round mags after the infamous AWB ended, so each round had 41 rounds in the cycle. With ammo running short I stopped at 6 cycles, for a total of 246 rounds this session. When the shooting was done there was much less shift in zero, and one would be hard pressed to say for certain there was an actual shift in zero or just shooter error. Either way, it was at most 1/4 inch and I will take that any day for that many removals and installations of the adapter and laser.
Total round expenditure through the laser adapter was 438 rounds and in the end it looked just as it did when I put it on and so did the Mark 23's rails. The adapter did not shift or rub at all and one cannot tell there was ever an adapter put on there, let alone shot 500+ rounds (remember the light adapter).

All in all, the Rhynotek Mark 23 rail adapters are winners. Priced well below what some similar adapters sell for and are built for shooting, not some Air-Soft crap that set screws onto your frame rails, marking the hell out of your $1,800 pistol. See their web site for pricing.

If Rhynotek can come up with a way to allow one to remove and install the adapter without having to remove the light/laser he may well have the perfect adapter for the Mark 23. The ability to remove the adapter without having to remove the light or laser is the only real improvement I would like to see, however, if one takes a reality check, how often does one really need to remove the adapter anyway?

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