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Guide Rod

Rhyno Stainless Steel Guide Rods

Rhyno guide rods are CNC machined out of the highest quality 304 stainless steel to meet the most stringent quality standards for precision, endurance and functionality. They have been field tested with thousands of rounds of ammunition, with any necessary modifications made before reaching production. We understand that our customers demand perfection and we deliver that perfection “Everytime”. Since Rhyno guide rods are made of solid stainless steel, they will not bend, twist, or distort under any conditions unlike some factory plastic guide rods. There are several advantages to using our stainless rods. Using stainless rods adds extra weight which can assist with greater accuracy in addition to reliability. This will not only balance your pistol better but more importantly, will drastically decrease perceived recoil with much less muzzle flip during rapid firing. Not to mention they’re sharp looking, offered in stainless finish or black matte with checkered and standard also an option for both finishes for complete customization.

Guide Rod

About Rhyno Guide Rods

Rhyno guide rods are machined such that they will perfectly fit and work well with both the factory/OEM recoil springs and the after-market recoil springs to prevent any possible malfunction. They are precision machined so that when installed on your handgun, the diameter of the front around the guide rod exit hole in the muzzle looks fuller and stronger; in addition, while the factory/OEM guide rod front shrinks in a bit at the front exit hole, ours fits evenly with the exit hole surface.

Guide Rod

Most importantly, all Rhyno guide rods come with a 100% lifetime warranty. Further, we ensure the most competitive pricing in the market without sacrificing quality, “GAURANTEED”.

We welcome your inquiries concerning our products, and will respond to your request immediately. For more information, please email us at service@rhynotek.com.


Guide Rod